Our Mission Statement

LearnStar exists to teach and mentor students of all ages in a stress-free environment, to help them develop a solid work ethic, good study habits, and strong time management skills that will lead to greater academic achievement at all levels of study and greater success in life. By doing so, we will achieve our overarching goal of helping busy families de-stress so that their time together can be quality, happy and peaceful time.

Our Approach

At LearnStar, we know that each student is different. That's why in the first session, your LearnStar tutor will begin by simply talking to your child and asking questions as a way to evaluate his/her strengths and weaknesses. This assessment will ensure that lessons are planned and conducted to suit the student's learning style. Tutors will also help students set goals for themselves and attain these goals. Our approach is all about what is best for you.

Meet Us!

Meet with a LearnStar representative at your home, our home, or a coffee shop.(Coffee is on us!)
Tell us about yourselves, your needs, your goals. We will pair you with a tutor who can work with your schedule and optimize your child's interests and success